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Originally Posted by Windchime View Post
Actually, what you said is "The best way to find a guy is to stop looking." I'm not trying to pick on you, honest! It's just that we single people hear that all the time, to the point where it is kind of a cliche. I guess it bothers me because it implies that looking is somehow wrong. I used to be part of a divorce support group, and the common thought there was that even the *thought* of looking for a mate was somehow desperate or something! So that's why your comment caught my attention. I know that your advice was completely well-intentioned; it's just my hot-button issue so I felt compelled to respond!

I realize that many people find a mate when they're not looking, but I'm going to guess that equally as many find a mate when they are actively dating. As TBG says, both with jobs AND with men, it pays to be particular no matter what the circumstance. Just as we don't want any old job (in normal economic times!), we also don't want any old guy so the password is "caution". (Did I just date myself?)
I do not understand why you are offended at such a remark which wasn't even directed at you.
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