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S/C/G: 87.1kg/82.3/67

Height: 164cms


JayEll - thanks so much for the support - I'm trying to focus on Thursday when things return to normal. Isn't it funny how your body adjusts so quickly to not eating those kinds of things? Also - WOW 50lbs! Congratulations, I bet you look amazing!

Thanks also for those kind words about my PhD - I have a loooong way to go before I finish it, but I can't wait to get there! I'm studying popular musicology so my paper is on the music of the Beach Boys. At least I get to listen to happy music all day.

DCHound - Thanks a lot... I think it's hard because it's not like I'm doing it to myself, I'm being forced to! I am also pretty sensitive to gluten so I get the feeling I will be paying for this for a while. Anyway - looking positive, two days to go...

Delphi - Thanks for the encouragement, I hope I can too!


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