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Good Morning ladies! I haven't been into the personals in a while and have a bit of extra time this morning to say hello!!! Plus I see I may not be able to get on till tomorrow again(the announcement)... anywho- Good Morning!

Ruth- Hope you find time to get everything in today and good luck at catching up! I have run out of time in my days for things as well!!!

Cyndi- Your vacation sounds lovely! Hope the week goes by quickly for you!

Cottage- spinach strawberry salad sounds divine! Enjoy the concert this morning!

Pearl- WTG on resisting that cake!!!

Pacer- Hope you get caught up today!

As for me, I am planning to do the normal cleaning on Tuesdays, then hopefully have time to run to the mall for a bit. I would also like to mow the yard for dh, since he's been helping with the tile so much he hasn't had the time... or I guess since he sleeps till 1 he hasn't. lol. either way he's a big help and I am not complaining! Would also like to clean out my car today if I have the chance! and drink lots and lots of water! LOL

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