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My husband is 6ft 1" and weighs between 183-190 depending on when he weighs or whatnot. He wears a 34/34 but could very well fit into a 33" inch waist pant. He was around 170-180 when we met 14 years ago. Whoa! Big change. NOT!

When we met, I was quite smaller then him. 5ft 4" (on a good day) and probably somewhere between 130-140 pounds. However, with my frame, I looked a lot smaller. (Except for my legs and butt, this baby's got back and I've always had "athletic legs") I had a TINY waist though. I used to be able to use a bandana as a belt.

When we got married, it was after 2 seperate accidents that helped me put on a bunch of weight and a pregnancy. I weighed about 185 and I remember how miserable shopping for a wedding dress was. It wasn't about finding the perfect dress, it was more about finding the one that didn't make me look even bigger then I was and we all know how SMALL those damn dresses run! That didn't help.

Tack on 3 more kids and a long battle with depression and apathy and TA-DA, my highest non-pregnancy weight ever was achieved. 270 pounds. Highest pregnancy weight was 275. That was in July of 2008. Something about that number scared the **** outta me! It was so close to 300 pounds! I don't know why, but I just could not let myself hit that number!

How does it make me feel? When I think about it, it sucks. Lets face it, feeling unattractive sucks. Sometimes it manifests itself at the weirdest times, sometimes all it takes is watching tv with my hubby and the show has on a bunch of sexy women. I get so mad! I let him think I am mad at him for checking the chicks out, when the truth is, I am mad at ME for gaining as much weight as I have!

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