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HI LADIES ~ well, today was a much nicer day; we had some sunshine on and off all day, which was way better than ***** and even though there was a bit of a breeze, it was still around 60 F for most of the day. DH cleaned the car out and then got it stuck in some wet mud in the back yard, so then had to wash the outside as well. A nice neighbour came along with his truck and pulled DH out.

I just stayed in and rested most of the day. We had roasted chicken leftovers with a pan of roasted veggies; very filling and low-sugar chocolate pudding for dessert (only I saved mine for my snack as I was full at dinner). Our weather is supposed to be good for the next two days, and I hope they are correct as we have to take some friends to see a doctor in the city this week. I want to go for the fun of it, so hope we have good weather.

NIKO and I spent a little time on the porch this afternoon (he more than me), but I came in before him as the wind picked up a bit, but it was nice for some fresh air and a bit of sun. Did a puzzle and some reading today as well; really tried to make this a fun and relaxing day to get our minds off things.

PURPLE ~ yes, my DH is like your DH, in that he tries to hide how he feels, but eventually it all comes out. He said that he noticed that my pain issues were slowly getting worse. This happened to me once before and I bounced back with an extended rest; but I did have to start using the cane(s) as you know. I agree that a wheechair and/or electric scooter (which is what I would prefer to have) would likely make my life even MORE enjoyable giving me more mobility than I have now. DH says that we should get both, and I think he's right.

So many times, we haven't gone somewhere just becuz I cannot get around as I would like. People always ask why they don't see me out: that is the reason. I keep telling them but some of them just don't get it. I tell them -- on the bad days I stay home and don't go anywhere; you will only see me out on those rare days when I have less pain issues.

I totally agree with the things that you said to VAL -- we don't see ourselves as resilient, but others do. Yes, I may get down for a short while but my faith helps me to bounce back; and like you, I am trying to keep a fighting attitude. There are many people who have had setbacks and live in similar situations and are living joyful and victorious lives: JONI ERAECKSON-TADA comes to my mind often (I read her first book and have seen her on TV many times). She was a skiier and had a terrible accident and ended up in a wheelchair most of her adult life. She admits she has bad days like anyone else, but she has also been a great inspiration and example to many people over her lifetime.

BTW, thanks for the encouragement and the good laugh about the hair too! Laughter is a great healer, isn't it? Helps to make life so much more pleasant. The night skies cleared up and we could see the stars and the just over half-moon, and it was pretty last night. I really like looking at the stars and the moon, especially on those occasions when they are so close they look like you could almost reach out and touch them.

Anyhow, it's time for me to go and put my legs up again; gotta rest them as much as I can. So, take good care ladies, your friend ROSEBUD
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