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I have been outside in the beautiful weather - it has been such a fantastic spring here so far that I have been profiting from every minute I could! It's serious garden time here, and my finger nails are toast!!

How do you like your belly dance classes Velveteen? Are you learning a classical Egyptian style, or more of a fusion sort of style?

I have two goals for May:

To no longer be fat, and to learn a dance choreoagraphy well enough to dance in a show.

The first goal is almost in reach - in 6 more pounds, I will have a BMI that puts me into the 'normal' weight category. It is such a huge milestone that I'm almost afraid to try for it, but it is also so close...

The second goal is actualy the harder one and the one I am least sure of achieving. My teacher's dance troupe has taken me on as a junior dancer - apparently she invites some of her students do this if she feels they have some potential, and if in a couple of years, they are good enough, they are allowed to join the core troupe. So I'm learning the choreographies while I am improving my technique. In two weeks, there is a student show being put on by a fairly famous older Egyptian dancer, and my teacher's troupe has been invited to do a couple of dances. *IF* I can learn the choreography well enough (easy part), and *IF* I can polish up my shoulder shimmies enough (hard part), I can do one of the dances with the troupe.

So I'm going to work really hard at achieving the second goal, and hopefully, those 9 hours of classes a week will put a big dent in the first goal!


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