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Okay - so I actually started taking a coworker's (with MS) amantadine on thursday. (she gave it to me a week ago -- which really freaked me out/bursted my 'I'm fine' bubble) But the woman reminds me of you purple - she's younger but she has dealt with TM symptoms as well. She told me the ms clinic gives out amantadine for fatigue as soon as it comes up and didnt even blink handing over her meds. She is resiliant just like you. (and everyone else on this thread!)

I started 100 mg twice a day and it's not a drastic change.. but it's something.. along with a little bit of insomnia. I went into my GP last month who ran some regular bloodwork and shrugged... now I'm waiting for my MS clinic to call me back and give me my own amantadine px. I didnt want to start it without their permission.. but things are desperate -- I'm sleeping, eating, exercising as much as possible.. and napping whenever I can so desperate times called for desperate measures.

I told my boss i have ms.. he said 'I know' lol. So either he has an exceptional memory - I was open about my dx at my last job, where his organization overlapped ocassionaly -- or people talk. Either way. he knows. I dont know what accomodating fatigue looks like.. but I dont want to cut my hours since I'm the only one supporting myself.

sorry im rambling about my health. i'm kind of hoping to just ride this out.. maybe tomorrow will be better and my energy will come back leaving me mentally capable to do my job the way I'm capable.

the last thing confirming something really is wrong is that i've lost six pounds this week without trying. (I only lose big numbers now when I'm really struggling with some sort of MS symptoms)

things are good. I hope your snow melts fast rosebud - Ours was offically all gone YESTERDAY yyyaaaay!

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