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hi everyone...i've missed you--been reading along, i don't know it's just hard to post when i don't have good news. as some of you might know (cause i keep complaining about it) i've been stuck at 158 for a month or so now. obviously there's been fluctuations but i haven't been able to get below 158. well, after a butt kicking week of running swimming biking and a post TOM "whoosh" (as you guys call it), it's finally happened! i was back up to 162 during TOM but i saw 157.8 this afternoon at the gym!!!!! i was so pleased i wanted to tell some random people in the locker room--haha (i didn't of course). this past TOM was killer, i had hardly seen relief from the post flying water retention after NY before it set in (bad news)....anyway all that is to say thati 'm feeling great right now!

i don't know why it has made such a difference mentally, but i guess it just felt like iwas going to be stuck there forever, no matter how hard i work. now if i could just ride this whoosh to 155 i would be over the moon.

it's nice to keep up with you, but i miss being more part of the conversation. going to do my best to post more often--converse more. i miss that.

so, here's weed for now:

W 64+ i've been doing well with this except for today for some to get the rest in before bed...
E i've been pretty much on plan...i did terrible during TOM which is actually strange for me, i'm usually pretty good about staying OP
E back on the everyday gym routine. i don't know, the day of rest doesn't sit well with me. i do a 'light' day every once in a while, but if i don't go at all i feel lousy
D 158 is just another stepping stone on this path...hope i never see it again!

hope all of you are having a good evening--enjoy the weekend!
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