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I somehow did the dumbest thing and deleted all of the wrong mail Monday night, so I am wading around finding my posts etc.

How is everyone doing? Still the scale isn't budging, but I am exercising more. Guess I'll have to be patient.

Was looking forward to going back to Chicago, but may not get there. I had all my times mixed up and will miss the communion anyway, but 1 school in their area is already closed with a confirmed case of swine flu and the sister-school of my niece's is waiting for a confirmation and will probably be closed, meaning they will be too. My S-I-L thinks they will have to cancel communion as well. I think we will have to make a decision so we can cancel the hotel by 6pm today. I hate that for my family, but everyone needs to be safe. I will just call my son and check on him!

This is the 3rd day of rain, but we need it. Just wish to see the sun for a little bit to perk me up.

Rosey, we bought my mom an iPod last year for mother's day and she absloutely loves it. This year, she bought herself an iPhone, and has put some movies on it for when she goes to Tucson for a wedding. I think it's great--go for it!

Denise, you are already beautiful, and it will all go well

Renacer, good for you, and share if you would care to. There is always so much new to learn that I would be glad to hear what you have learned. You posted something I found interesting on another thread when I was rummaging around. Wish I could remember now where, because I had something I wanted to add/comment...

Have a great day all! Kathy
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