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Hi, all. BGL 135 this a.m. Ate dinner with wine much later than usual last night. Feeling rather bloated, getting back into old habits. Went to an event last night with a favorite mystery writer who read a passage from her latest book about fat people and made comments about them that were very negative. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Will not buy any more of her books, I'll just wait until they show up in the library.
Ruth -- you're right, I was referring not to an actual uniform but the fact that I wear the same thing every day.
Rosey - enjoy your ipod. I have 500 vynl albums I'd like to download and maybe my 300 45s. Never happen. lol
Denise - Don't think about anything at your wedding but your intended and enjoy the day.
Well, we have office visitors so I have to get back to work.
Ladies - tonight I have a date with Robert Redford and I am so looking forward to it. Yes, in person. Okay, so there will be 500 other people there too. Be still my heart!
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