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Hi, all. I've been having issues with the site so don't post as much as I used to. My bgl has gone up a bit because I'm not eating right. Still, it was only 117 this a.m., which is good for me. I've developed some kind of wierd nerve pain. When I get up from sitting I feel needle sharp pricks in my left leg from the knee to ankle. It goes away right away, but it's worrying. Is this neuropathy? I hope not. Will run it by my doc when I see him next month.
Last week we had four days of 90 degree weather, then it turned cold again. I prefer the cold if we must have extremes, though.
Rosey - I dress in a "uniform" too. I've given up dresses because I wear granny orthopedic shoes and socks. For work I have black pants which I get from Making It Big and mock neck turtlenecks from Lane Bryant. On the weekends I wear jeans. I have a closet full of clothes that I've outgrown. Hope to get back in them someday.
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