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Good afternoon, ladies. Only 85 today. :

Tonight is Bible Study. While I was eating my lunch today, a filling came out of my front tooth. I called the dentist right away but they can't see me until Wednesday morning. Fortunately it doesn't hurt. I know he's going to want to cap it and a back molar as well.

Faye, spinach cooks in just a couple of minutes. I like to saute it in a pan with olive oil spray or steam it in a Glad steamer bag. I put some bacon bits and vinegar on it. I also like Kroger's frozen creamed spinach and it doesn't have too many points. Jicama looks like a big round potato - brown skin. It is shaped like a turnip. Just take the asparagus and hold the bottom with one hand then bend and it will break. The bottoms are stringy and bitter.

Maggie, thanks for the recipes - I'll be making them soon.

Jean, some of our public schools wear uniforms. Usually the poorer neighborhoods where they have problems with gangs. Not long now and you can say goodbye to that mess at school.

Have a good day!

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