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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has poured rain all day long! The sky is a bit brighter right now so maybe the end of the rain is near. We did drive up to the lake -- no car keys in sight so have no clue where to look next. Stopped at Penneys on the way home and picked up a couple summer t-shirts and a pair of cotton slacks. My spring/summer stuff is so old! I've read one newspaper and have been keeping an eye on a "for sale" house, on the lake and down the street, that is having an open house today. They want $498,000 for it and so far haven't had one looker. The couple moved to the Ozarks last fall but have farm ground here so guess they are in no hurry to sell.

Susan -- Congrats on losing 1.8#s this week! I have eaten jicama a couple of times, but have never prepared it myself. I do like it. Thank you for sharing the recipes; the peanutty spread sounds much better than the asparagus one. Bob likes asparagus, but I don't. Maybe I will fix it for him, and then again maybe not. We have two ceiling fans in the kitchen area and all of the bedrooms. Our church had them they were removed when they remodeled; I often wish they would have kept them as well as the small windows that used to open to let a breeze come through. Enjoy your new cookbook and yoga class! I would like to try yoga sometime.

Maggie -- It has warmed up a lot and gotten very humid in the last hour or so. We had 2 sets of cars, just regular car keys. I'm guessing maybe MIL took one set to AZ the last time and they are now in a box down there somewhere. I keep all the keys together in a drawer so thought I could put my hands on them right away. We couldn't wear jeans nor slacks to school when I was in high school either. The boys could wear jeans but they had to wear shirts tucked in and a belt. When I went to college we could wear slacks to class if the temperature was below 0. My dorm was a couple blocks away from the classrooms and some mornings were pretty darned cold walking.

"Gma" -- Your deck project will be a good one to have done! We brought up the idea of uniforms and not allowing students to carry book bags to class. We were informed that both would be infringing upon their rights! What about my rights of safety from getting clobbered by book bags in the halls and/or tripping over them in the classroom? The so-called dress code has gotten way out of hand. If we are offended we can escort the student to the office. We aren't supposed to leave students alone in the classroom, so do we take the whole class and lose instruction time doing it? It is a "catch 22" for sure. I don't like the way my bread machine works either! If you figure out a way to make good bread let me know!

I am off to iron a few shirts for Bob. Have a nice "rest of the day" and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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