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Good morning, ladies! A beautiful day today - 86 degrees already.

I went to WW this morning, down 1.8 pounds. :

Had to do the usual grocery shopping. Went to Trader Joe's and Kroger. I'm trying a new veggie this week, actually I had some with my lunch - jicama. Yum. A little like turnip in taste.

I saw "The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jumpstart" and started looking at it out of curiosity. I always thought they had to live on a lettuce leaf, one carrot, and lots of water to lose so much weight every week but actually its a very healthy 1500 calories. Since I'm tired of planning meals, I bought the book. I'll see what I can do in 30 days. It's pretty much how I already eat. The recipes really look good. They also have exercises for each day and they aren't too difficult either. Looks like an old lady can do them so I'm trying. They had a signup sheet at Curves yesterday to see who would be interested in Yoga classes on Saturday afternoon at $5 per lesson. Sounds like fun to me so I put my name on the list. The owner knows I have to pace myself and probably can't keep up but she's fine with that.

Maggie, you are so organized to have the village all done. I'd have been finishing it the night before it was due. There were still some of the $6 hungrys at my WW meeting. If you want, I'll get one and mail it to you.

Faye, did you get your yarn yesterday? I love the color you posted. I thought of you when I bought my asparagus today. I keep it standing upright in a big glass half full of water and it lasts me all week. I'm have it tonight roasted with 1 T. of blue cheese on top. A nice man at work gave me some Maytag Blue Cheese. Maytag is the name of a farm in Iowa where they make it. It is the most delicious I have ever had. I'm going to order a wheel and some of their cheddar as well.

Jean, the sandals are nothing much - brown mules. They are nice enough I can wear them to church. We had the ups and downs with temperatures, too. It is maddening! I think in another week we can start complaining about the heat.

Well, have a great evening!


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