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Good morning gals. Fixing myself some sourdough toast as I am starving this morning. I really need to get out into the back and clean it up today, but we shall see. I need to work on knitting too as I have deadlines!

Jean: I had lots of work yesterday and as usual at the last minute. I had a bloody nose I couldn't get stopped and had to send her home, an older gal that wet her pants, a kid who likes spending time in the clinic according to her mom so we aren't supposed to call her unless the girl is feverish or vomiting and a leaky ceiling! I do enjoy it though. I volunteer more than anyone so the kids are now used to seeing me and they wave when they walk past now. Thomas was busy with friends going to lunch and I barely got an acknowledgement yesterday. He does have his priorities! lol

Susan: I can't see how the Hooter girls can be the least bit comfortable. Skin tight tshirts and shorts where your bums always hang out. Guess you have to be young! Hope you are getting to feeling better.

Maggie: I am fine. Thankfully it wasn't very serious and went away fairly quickly. Jack put my piece back in and put the shelf back on, albeit it backwards, but for now, we will just let it be until it starts driving me nuts.

Gotta go girls. Lots I want to accomplish today!
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