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Good morning ladies! It was hot here yesterday and supposed to be more of the same today so at least spring is finally here I hope. I continue to work on my current knitting project and it is coming along. I should get the yarn for the wedding present throw tomorrow so I am anxious to see the color of that and how it knits up.

Jean: We have internal thermometers on both the Grand Marquis and the Mariner and they both will read a couple degrees hotter when we first get in the car and turn it on, but not quite what you got! I always feel old when I see that all the baseball players on the Cubs roster are younger than Jay, who is 35 and a lot of them younger than Kelly, who is 31. When we were in Indiana, there is a Hooters in front of the hotel we stayed at and the drive out of the hotel goes between it and a Del Taco. We were coming out one day and two of the Hooters girls were standing, one on each door holding it open and Jack gave a little ogle. I told him he was old enough to be their grandfather, technically. He said no he wasn't, but when I told him if he had a child when he was 19, then that child had a child when he was 19 then that child would be 22 and could work at Hooters! Spoiled his moment I think. I can't believe both Jackson is going to be 2 already and Thomas will be 9 next month. Your youngin's are growing up too. I need to get out on the deck and clean it up. I haven't even touched it this year and it is a mess.

Susan: Hope they can get you to feeling better on a more permanent basis. It worries me to think about you being home alone and possibly having a bad attack. I can imagine how those stupid steroids make you famished. You know the old saying about the cure killing you. Sometimes the stuff you have to take to help you out messes you up big time in other areas.

I have clinic this afternoon and I need to get jumping on work this morning. I didn't get any cleaning done yesterday because I was putting away dishes out of the dishwasher yesterday morning and one of the brass clips that holds an upper shelve came loose, fell out and caused the top shelf to tip. I tried to catch/fix it and pulled a shoulder muscle so I hurt all day yesterday. I am still a bit sore, but pretty much right as rain. I may have to just hold off doing the upstairs until tomorrow and get Jack's help. The vacuum is pretty heavy to push around so I may ask him to do the vacuuming for me.

Have a great weekend gals. Should be nice everywhere!
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