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Thumbs down I'm reliezing my obsticles....

not feeling that great today!! i totally messed up last night and ate a bunch of cookies. I woke up this morning feeling like a piece of dump...

i havent yet shared my home situation with any of you and I thinks it's about time. I was forced to move back in with my parents after living on my own for a year due to economic hardship.. and there is a reason i left in the first place.

My father isnt that bad but he had a tendency to scream when he is talking to you ( i guess thats just cause we are italian) but it's more of the fighting of him and my mother... and omg i dont even know where it starts when it comes to her

I feel like im dealing with children here. They are both over weight themselves but dont wanna do anything about it. this house stresses me out to no end. I feel like just being here drains the **** outta me.

I could go on but dont think i should, i would be writeing a novel.

and i have managed to maintain the weight of 168.8 for three days now...i ahve only been on this diet since monday and i started a 170...

so i dont know i am going to post my 3erd video blog on youtube later. I havnt had ANY feedback or comments or anything from it so im feeling a little discouraged...

i just needed to vent....

thanks all hope everyone else is feeling better then me!! lol
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