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You gals are doing great with the exercise so I though you might like to read all about the benefits. I walk and do linedancing myself but feel that I should be doing more.

50 Reasons to Exercise

by Monica Neave

1. Burn calories
2. Increase your metabolism
3. Lose weight
4. Lower your body fat
5. Lower your bmi
6. Prevent weight gain
7. Build muscle & get stronger
8. Increase endurance & stamina
9. Feel energized
10. Increase self-esteem and confidence
11. Feel & look healthy
12. Look younger
13. Burn your fat clothes
14. No more starving yourself
15. Enjoy all types of food without gaining weight
16. Improve circulation
17. Relieve stress
18. Reduce anxiety levels
19. Alleviate depression
20. Prevent injuries
21. Reduce low-back pain
22. Strengthen joints
23. Alleviate or prevent migraine headaches
24. Alleviate or reduce pms
25. Improve immune system
26. Sleep better
27. Improve balance & coordination
28. Improve posture
29. Increase or maintain flexibility
30. Lower resting heart rate (gives your heart a break)
31. Lower or control blood pressure
32. Reduce total cholesterol
33. Reduce circulating levels of triglycerides
34. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
35. Reduce the risk of heart disease
36. Reduce the risk of cancer
37. Reduce the risk of stroke
38. Reduce the risk of colon cancer
39. Reduce the risk of breast cancer
40. Increase insulin sensitivity and prevent adult onset diabetes (type II diabetes)
41. Increase or maintain your bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis
42. Live a longer and better quality life
43. Set a good example for others (your kids, relatives, friends)
44. Quit smoking with less trouble
45. Live an independent lifestyle as you age
46. Increase your pain threshold
47. Feel the rush of endorphins
48. Participate in fund raising walks/runs without a problem
49. Be the one everyone wishes they looked like
50. Get complimented on a regular basis
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