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Hi again girls Hope you all slept well and woke up to a great day today. Hapy new day to you all!

Hattieeeeeeee, congratulations on hitting onderland! You must be so excited! Ty for coming in to share your wonderful news with us!

urockmom, lol @ I know it! Oh those greek fests are fun! As for Saturday night, I hope you had a wonderful time at the dinner/dance. Sounds like a lovely evening and it's nice to have special things like that on a Sat. night. Wtg on your exercise and water yesterday! I need to do better with my water today.

Hi Fenderella, yayyyy wtg on the loss and being back on plan! That is super fenderella! You must be so excited about getting your license too! That is nice that your mom is making you a special cake. Ty for your words of encouragement, keep up the great work .

Jacqui, I hope you are having a terrific birthday girl, and may all your dreams and wishes come true! . That is so great about the Y, oh and your orientation! How exciting! do keep us posted. DH asking for the swim schedule too, . Those donuts sound real good and a special thing as you can only get them once a year. Thanks for the willpower dust girl, I am going to need it that day! Yes, I am going...last night my mom called to say she cancelled it until the 1rst or second of May and I was so disappointed as I would not be able to make it that weekend (good ole TOM) but then called again this morning to say we are still on for this weekend. I could see how much I wanted to go, I miss them! It's been much too long! Have a terrific day Jacqui .

Lene, thanks my lady wtg on your workoutsssss! I smiled when I read about the man pushups! Hope you have a terrific day , keep up the great work

Hi cake, wtg on the loss girl! keep at it, your doing great! Sure, I don't mind to give you the recipe....I think I have it written somewhere in one of my mails, let me see if i can dig it up for you. I am warning you though, lot'ssss of butter in it! Cake, that's great about BF! I'm glad girl

Msperception, hey you! miss you What wonderful news you bring us! congratsssss keep up the awesome work! wow, you are sooo c lose to getting into another digit! Ty for your encouraging words to us all as well. Keep on truckin' : ).

How is everyone else doing? A big hi to you all girls. I hope that everyone is having a great day and if anyone is off track please remember that it is a new day and it is never ever too late to pick up and start again!

I am stuck home without a car today (it broke down last week) and I have not seen DH much at all as he has been so busy working on it. I know I am lucky he knows how to do all those things but I am trying to convince him to take a night off to see me a bit. In the meantime, I am going to visit with my mii's (the wii fit girls). It's a yucky rainy day here and a good day for indoor work. I am so glad that I took off and went for that walk yesterday! I hope you all have a terrific day ladies........, I will check back soon.
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