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I'm hardly an expert but it looks like your breakfasts are a little heavy on carbohydrates and sugars. You're also eating a lot of fruit. Can you substitute some vegis?

I'm also wondering if your overall calorie count is too low. It is kinda hard to tell as you don't have weight/volume measurements of what you're eating, so you might want to check out Get a free account, punch in your stats and see what it tells you. You should also check how many calories your current plan would give you. It might be a bit of a surprise! I'm currently eating 1300-1450 a day and I'm losing well. I made the mistake of not eating enough and I didn't lose anything!

If you need to add calories, you might want to consider adding some snacks. If you stay within your chosen calorie limit, then snacking isn't bad. I like chopped vegis, nuts and whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or hummus.

As for breakfasts, have you considered protein powder? I'm at university so breakfasts were a nightmare because I didn't have time. I'd end up ravenous a couple hours after I ate. Now I have a quick protein drink and a fruit and I'm off.

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