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Red face Response to the weight gain question

I'm sorry you are going through that, it must be awful to hear that from a doctor. I can't speak for everyone, but I can directly correlate my weight gain with the prolactinoma. Not 100 pounds, but about 25-30 and I think the fact that I was getting frustrated so I just went to the gym more and ate less and less, was the reason I only gained that much. It's very frustrating, but hang in there....really do what you can, and if you're taking medication for the pituitary tumor now and symptoms are gone then the weight will progressively come off....

The frustrating thing is that it will not come off just doing nothing...and that's where you will need the motivation to continue eating healthy, building your metabolism back up, and working out.

My OBGYN flat out told me that the weight gain was due to the prolactinoma, and was very supportive of me knowing that, so I would suggest a new doctor maybe...again...sorry that you are going through that.
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