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Angry Gym pet peeves!

I didn't see a thread like this but if there is one then maybe somone can direct me to it. For those of you who belong to a gym what types of things REALLY annoy you that other people do? Vent away!

Here are a few of mine.
Today I go to do my upper body workout and I'm doing bicep curls with 15 lb. dumbells and some girl comes up to me with her 5 lb. dumbells and tries to convince me that I will get bulky if I lift with heavy weights! First off it's a myth, second of all don't interrupt me to voice your opinion about my workout worry about your own, and thirdly even if it were true not everyone shys away from their muscles! I just said "right", rolled my eyes, grabbed the 20 lb dumbells and cranked up my music.

Another annoyance is when I get to a machine and someone across from me gets annoyed that I got there first. So she decides to just stand in front of me and stare at me giving me dirty looks until I'm done. I would have gladly shared the machine with her but she was being rude.

Anyone else want to vent?

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