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Default drat! cheating on accident....

This morning I ran to the grocery store to grab a few things for this upcoming week.....I do low carb, with occasional "up" days. I've been doing so good... I've lost 15 lbs since the 23rd of March. Well this morning, I'm getting my chicken and whatnot and figured I'd treat myself with Diet Orange Soda this week. It's my favorite thing in the world but I normally don't buy diet drinks so I really do consider it a "treat".

So, I've been on plan all day... I sipped on my tall glass of Orange Soda for like two hours......

I go in the kitchen and am putting something away in the fridge and I am TOTALLY SHOCKED when I see that my "Diet" soda is infact NOT DIET AT ALL. My jaw literally dropped.

I'm taking Benadryl for a cold so that could have something to do with me being a little out of it and grabbing the wrong bottle but I was so bummed out. Bah. I begrudgingly added it into my Fitday. If I was on low-calorie plan I could've cut back elsewhere.. but being low carb it was in no way, on plan.

Ah. Lesson learned. Has anyone else ever cheated when you thought you were being good and on-plan?
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