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cakebatter......on the 2lb. loss so far! awesome! I know it is still "unofficial" as you call it (I do the same thing, helps keep me in line) but that rocks! : ) wtg on your planned meals and all . Your plan surrounding this weekend sounds right on...if I dont see you by then, enjoy the night girl and have a super time .

econnerd, congrats on staying on plan and being down sure is GOOD considering TOM arrived today! Nice going! Oh and those lunches you pack sound yummy! I think someone around here is getting hungry! lol Look at that, it's 3! around snack time. Lo and behold, the just came out! yipeeeeeeee.

Hi Scarlet good to see you, thanks for popping in. That peep contesst sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with it and have fun making it .

A hi to all. We are a week into our month girls, let's keep it going

As for me, I had stated that this Friday would be my official weigh in but I may hop on the scale tomorrow (and do thurs. WI's). I will see how I feel in the morning. Havn't taken a peek yet but it is safe now and I am eager at this point to see w hat is going on. keeping Either way, a keep on truckin' we will! Have a super day girls Chat soon.
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