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urockmom, hiiiiiiiiii aw you! No it's okay, just glad your okay (that is number one) and that your here! This is wonderful, I think we are all back together now. urockmom, that really is awesome that you maintained! That's work in itself and I think that is fantastic. I am glad that you are ok now and got over the sinus infection and all. wtg on the workout, yeah...let's kick some . oops, we cannot forget a right on!

Hi Jaya yes! We are going to continue this thread for the whole month of April, we still have approx. 3 weeks to go (from tom. or friday) : ).

CakeBatter, now that takes discipline! and lot's of it! That is great! You were at the party with all those temptations around you but sent DH for a healthier meal, wtg girl! Thanks for the dancing carrots and yay for my TOM being gone! lol. I am so happy about that alright! Oh, congrats on that run too! : ) I tried to write you gals t his morning but couldn't post it so I will try and reiterate some of what was said here. Keep up the great work : )

As a matter of fact, I am going to post this now and then continue to write.
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