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Hi Ladies!
I had another good day yesterday. I did 30DS and 10miles on the stationary bike. My eating was controlled for the most part. The scale has me back up to 160 (where's the throw the scale emoticon when you need one??) I'm trying to not let it get me down. I hope by the end of the month my clothing is looser and I'll be more than happy.

Efova and Truffles!
Wannabe, it is hard to post when you have nothing good to announce but you are definitely doing the right thing popping in. (I know this 1st hand)

Theresia Keep up the great work!

Terapet Yay for staying away from the wine. I LOVE wine (did I mention I love it?) but I only drink it maybe twice a month.

FSA Turkey is yummy. I went out and bought some after reading your post and had the same lunch as you did. (I'm such a follower ) It really is hard to get out of the no carb mindset, isn't it? SB did great things for me and now I am constantly aware of white flour/startches and sugar. But I still can't get myself on SB 100%. I just try to limit carbs and I eat any fruit I want.

Ms P and Lewis,Great job getting yourselves back OP!

Jacqui Wahoo on the 1lb lost. Great job!

Christie Hi girlfriend!
Restart 7/2013
September goal 5lbs made goal 9/25
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