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Goodmorning everyone

Popping in to say hi and happy new day! Hope everyone slept well last night and awakens to a great new day.

Tator, butterfly, and Julie

cakebatter, thanks for the kind words girl. The wii is fun! I like the wii fit, I do t he wii aerobics. I mostly do the advanced step and free step, some hula, lol. It isn't really like an aerobics class in the sense of utilizing a lot of room space. There is a balance board (which resembles a large scale) on the floor and you step on and off (kind of like a step workout but with much smaller height). You can get pretty creative with both and especially the free step to increase the intensity with arm exercises,e tc. It's something to add to have some diversity. It helped me a lot during the past few cold months, especially in Feb. when I was cooped up indoors a lot. What I really love is that the balance board is a scale too and it weighs you and does a body test (only when you want to though) and you have a graph. On your own personal graph, it keeps track of your weight, BMI, the dates, what you did on that's real neat. It's another incentive! You can set goals too (2 week minimum).
Good luck at the weigh in tonight . Have a great day : )

Jaqui, mothermavis, Lewisempire, and Petunia, and to all hi girls . Wtg on the plan lewisempire! Kick it girl

I better get going, no cramps yet..just a heavy feeling and I want to use this window of opportunity to do my workouts...then I can do my other stuff. Okay girls, I will catch up with you all later. Have an awesome day and let's keep on truckin'.
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