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I feel for your girl and you have my support. Sometimes the good days are overshadowed by the bad. I have learned to let myself have the treats but not let it set off a punishment mode where I go on a sort of binge and have a bunch more bad days and gain five pounds. If your heart and mind is really into the weightloss concept, I have found hypnosis to be a wonderful tool that helps me stay on track. Message me privately if you would like to know more about my Hypno experience. I will say I was 285 and hypno helped me down to 185.. I had some bad years in between and got back up to 240 in a little over 5 years. I SHOULD have nipped my relapse in the bud and went back for more therapy but I didn't. I got myself down to 230 and have had more therapy and have weighed in today at 214. It is a daily process and alot of work but we can root each other on and get where we all want to be. Even small workouts in your week can help. Jillian Michaels has 20 minute workouts.. maybe you can fit 20 minutes in a couple of work days and then do more on your weekends..
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