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Default APRIL Points Challenge (This has nothing to do with WW)

APRIL CHALLENGE...Can you even believe it's April already!! Is this going to be your year? How are you doing?? 3 months are gone already!! How about a challenge to help us keep it going! It's somewhere to check in...some friendly competition. Join us for our monthly challenge!!

Since this is a monthly challenge, it will start on the 1st and the day of the month is the day of the challenge. You need to post your points on a daily basis (or whenever you can). Simply reply to this post and then edit that post as you add points. That way you always know where you are and so do I!

For those of you who have NO IDEA what I am talking about - here are the details. Sometimes we work our hardest when we are held accountable. So I challenge you to do your very best for the month and we'll see who wins!!

Here is how it's going to go. Starting April 1st 2009. We will try to do the 3 things that work. Food, water & exercise. You decide what your food plan is, how much water you want to drink and how much exercise you want to get every day. Every day you have the opportunity to earn 4 points.

2 point for sticking with your food plan (no splitting points here, you either stuck to your plan or you didn't)
1 point for drinking the amount of water you decided on
1 point for getting some exercise. (If you don't exercise on a given day - you DO NOT get a point for exercise - even if you planned it that way) Sorry, no 1/2 points.

Post here with how many points you've earned for a given day, and I will keep track. We'll see who's did the best for the month.

This is a very cool way to keep on track, because even if you don't do so great on food, you might still get in your water and exercise to earn the points!

Who's ready for a challenge???? It starts Tomorrow!

Note: When I do the final totals at the end of the month, I only include people who have participated 15 days or more.

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY

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