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Must of been a rough weekend for everyone.

I ate and ate and ate. Didn't go too crazy but I did eat a Reese's Peanut Butter egg, omg and half a butterfinger! AACK..

Saturday my mom came over and helped me spring clean. She's a slave driver! LOL We cleaned for four hours straight then I cleaned up and went to the movies. We saw Race to witch mountain. It was cute for a teen girls movie.

Sunday started off good but ended with me trying to stuff everything in my mouth. DD went to my sister's and DH and I went shopping for easter basket stuffers. Why is it so expensive. Seriously it was outrageous. I got very little in the easter isle and got more out of the regular candy isle. You get half the candy for three time the price. Must be the little fancy packaging. Crazy...

This morning has been wild. I had two kids in my office when I got to work "losing their cookies". What a way to start the day.

I am determined to get past this eating everything in sight. Tonight is busy with DH home, he has requested hamburgers and steaks. ( I have a hamburger worked into my plan) and then it's off to bible study on Esther. Should be in late, don't know when I am going to fit in some exercise.

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