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Originally Posted by Jennifer28 View Post
Fatsuitbegone--there are a couple other programs out there that are very similar to medifast, but alot less expensive. I know the New Lifestyle Diet (i am starting on sunday) isnt Soy based, but whey based as i know alot of soy isnt that good for women. There is also Wonderslim, which is even cheaper than New Lifestyle but basically the same packages. The difference with these two programs as opposed to medifast is that they have no nutrients in them and so you just need to take a multi-vitimin to suppliment. I read through alot of the threads and i decided on the NLD based on what people were saying.

Just putting my two cents in!

please note only the shakes are whey based. Everything else on new lifestyle is soy based. Read the ingredients list. I have a list of items in my comparison thread.

all the best,
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