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Default Boycotting Fast Food

God I am so done with fast food. I was doing well on my program, eating well, exercising, so I went to a fast food place and decided to get something small. I didn't get the whole meal, just the sandwich, you know, just as a treat.

However, I went TWICE in one week. First to Taco Bell where I got two chalupas, and then a few days later where I went to McDonald's and got one of the mini meals. I feel like I have FAILED. I gave into the temptation, the draw of fast food. I gained 4 pounds this week.

A major downfall in this struggle. 15 pounds lost, 4 gained because of FAST FOOD. So I decided.... ALL FAST FOOD IS TERRIBLE. It's loaded with calories, saturated fats, sugar, etc. I compared it to sticking your head in a dumpster and then eating everything in sight.

I'm disappointed with myself for going to a fast food place twice in one week, an that I ruined 4 pounds worth of effort. So I'm boycotting it all together. I will never eat it again. That's how I got to this point in the first place.

Anyone else want to boycot fat food?!

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