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I know some folks have said that Medifast, et al, is so expensive, but, when I've been on it, I saved money in what I'm not spending at the grocery store. I'd have to look into the other plans to see if they "wash" against my grocery bill.

Thing is, I like preparing my own food now that I found ways to do it that don't take up a lot of my time. Also, I love having fresh fruits around. I'm also preparing to get some veggies and berries growing from seed to go into the garden I'm starting, but that has been in the plan for a couple of years now, it's just that I'm probably leaving my shift work job to return to college, so I'll have the time for it. Hopefully, it will also help bring my DD and me closer to each other.

Edited to add: Keep in mind, there is just my DD and myself, so my food reduces the amount I buy. For someone who has a larger family, the delivery food would be considered more of an addition to the food bill.

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