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Getting fit and healthy!
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Wow, I forgot all about this thread, sorry about that. I did end up falling completely off my diet between my desire for comfort food and barely being able to get out of bed let alone prepare food. You don't want to know how much $$$ I spent on take out in January and February.

Anyhow, I'm back to myself (more or less) and to my healthy eating and exercise, and I just wanted to thank everyone for their input - even just knowing I'm not alone helps. The Go Lite helped, as did mega doses of Vitamin D... but not enough, obviously. I'll try talking to a doctor between now and next Winter. But after this one, my sweetie and I are thinking about moving south to FL, since it just gets worse every year.

Hopefully at the very least healthier habits will actually be habits by next Fall and it will be a bit easier to stick to them.

Oh, and those of you with reverse SAD are not alone, I have heard of this before though usually somewhat milder cases without the really bad sunburn. So no, you guys aren't alone either
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