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Originally Posted by jillybean720 View Post
I haven't had surgery yet. I would never recommend surgery to someone; I don't talk about it unless someone else brings it up first or is already considering it. However, I do recommend people look into the DS if they have type 2 diabetes. The DS by and far has the best statistics of any current WLS for resoultion of type 2 diabetes, and so many people get WLS without even knowing the DS exists!

That's what I mean Jill, I would say that for the benefits vs complications, the RNY was the best way I could deal with my diabetes...I don't have any symptoms at all now. One should know what's out there but there's give and take when looking at all WLSs. I would NOT recommend the DS in any way...of the people I have personally have known that had DS, one recently passed away due to complications and another is struggling with being sickly all the time due to malabsorbsion. Perhaps, these and other past "mistakes" will help better the procedure in the future but I just don't think it wise that it's being touted as option, yes...something to look into, yes..if you have serious complications from diabetes, maybe...but not better for everyone.

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