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This subject is a little dear to me, because I am not a great candidate for wls, because of specific health issues. I am quite prone to infection and immunity issues, as well as vitamin absorption problems which make bypass surgeries too risky. Also, I have an autoimmune connective tissue disease, which the manufacturer of the lapband specifically warns makes me inappropriate for the lap band.

My primary doctor agrees that I'm not a good candidate, but a rheumatologist I was referred to nearly had me convinced to ignore all of the good reasons I knew wls wasn't for me, because HE wasn't worried about the risks to me. My husband asked me what had changed my mind, and I realized nothing. The doctor just had a good salespitch.

I'm not saying that wls isn't the right option for many people, just that it isn't right for me AND that in making that decision, every patient is entitiled to correct, accurate, and comprehensive information on the surgery, it's risks, and treatment options for complications, should they occur. Informed consent without accurate and comprehensive information is not informed consent.
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