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Exclamation RnY Gone Wrong

There are a lot of us out there who have had major complications. I had my original surgery 5 years ago, lost 200 pounds and had severe problems ( they have removed all but 5% of my stomach now, parts of my intestine twice, rotting tissue, a part of my liver and a chunk of my esophagus) nevermind the other complicatons it has caused. There isnt a "better" surgery honestly. Its whats best for the patient and I am still glad I picked this surgery but I have had to have going on 12 surgeries now to repair all the damage.

There is a LOT you are not told. Including staples rejecting not due to over eatting but the item itself being defective which is what started my problems. ( They have remedied this issue, but there is risks as always) To obstructions, infections, etc. Not all problems are talked about either.

I have major nerve damage (the medication they put me on for this, and for my stomach to stop the rotting and to help me while they repaired me caused me to gain 85 pounds back that I am fighting to lose now.) that is apparently something they are aware can happen, but never informed me of. ( Out of three surgeons I saw).

I'm glad I had it done after all that, I wish I had gone with a different original surgeon, but it is what I needed to help me. Even though my stomach is even smaller now than my original surgery I don't feel full. Ever. Its like I never had the surgery. I am a "medical mystery" according to the doctors because I am having a ton of problems that I wont flood through here but even though they stabalized me its an on going battle.

People think I am crazy for saying I would do it again, but I needed the help to get going. I realized after ( I developed eatting disorders when sick bulemia/anorexia and binge eatting) that my over eatting previously to surgery was a product of OCD. Maybe if I had known that originally I would have been able to accomplish it on my own. I don't know. Whats cool is people from my current surgeons office asking me questions, some of the answers arent "pretty" but my doctor wants them to talk to me to see the down side too. If you haven't had it done and are concerned, or just want to know what its all about you can ask me. I've experienced the good and the so bad. I still have spans of hospital stays, so I may be slow to respond but I definitely will!
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