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Angry Ways to variate your excersise plan

Okay I really like the combo aerobics tapes. I have ABS/Chest of Steel 2000 video and use to have Buns and Abs of Steel 2000 (where is it ) If you have any of these and u want to get rid of them let me know. So here is my weekly plan and I am always looking for ways to make it more variable:

Mon, Thurs: Gym-treadmill 18 min, elliptical glider 15 min, weight training with free weights and machine. Total time 1 hr.
Tues, Fri: Combo aerobic/free weight tape Total time 1 hr.
Wed: Yoga stretching
Sat: Looking for something new otherwise one of the above or 33 minutes on the elliptical glider and stretching Total time 1 hr.

Give me ur suggestions!
Ms. Chris

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