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hey girls , so nice to come in and see your posts Everyone is kicking butt! wtg!

Ms perception, how do you like the wii fit? do tell! : ) wtg on the workouts!

Prettyfriend, wow! What a go getter you are, you run the bleachers too? That's great that you have access to the gym.

Lewisempire, hey you It's just really nice to see you all. I can't wait to do some gardening! Oh it is awesome exercise too! You burn a lot of cals and it's just so nice to be outdoors.

3/1 -Day off
3/2 -70 min. (2 20min.walks-t.m, 30 min. wii aerobics)
3/3 -60 min. wii aerobics
3/4 -80 min. (20 min.walk-t.m, 50 min. wii aerobics, 10 min. upst)
3/5 -30 min. wii aerobics
3/6 -none yet, but active thankfully
3/7 -60 min. walk outdoors
Total: 300 min.

3/8 -35 min. walk-outdoors
3/9 -40 min. wii aerobics
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