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I love the photos of your wedding day, Jenn! You both just look radiant! And I always get a little chuckle out of the bridal party's flipflops! If anyone looks at the album, look for the pic of their favors. They are inspired!!!

to everyone on the amazing NSVs! Love your experience, Jenn, and loved hearing about your newly "unpoppable" tunic, Clare! WTG!

Thanks for starting this thread up, Stacy! Congrats on fitting into smaller jeans...isn't that the BEST feeling?

Swandive, congrats to you, too! Keep those pants so you can see how much smaller and smaller you get over time! Have you ever seen Meg's (she's a moderator) after photos? There's one where she's standing with both legs in one leg of her old pants. Now THAT's a "fat pants" photo!!! (you can see it in a small version on her profile:

Jenny, that's exactly how I got started too--my doctor recommended I try SBD.

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