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Acai berries don't help with weight loss. The ads you viewed are full of lies and they are legally allowed to do it because they are unregulated. It's a gimmick to sell more product

Acai berries only true claim to fame would be the very high levels of antioxidants that may help protect us against cancer and other diseases.

From what I understand, you need fresh or frozen acai products to get the maximum benefit. Drying the acai can destroy most of the antioxidants. Freeze drying can retain them, but it's hard to find freeze dried acai. Even then, there's no proof yet that acai protects us any more than other foods high in antioxidants such as blueberries. More doesn't always mean better, which is becoming more evident as further studies knock down more supplements. There is no recommended dosage yet, so you won't know if you are getting the right amount from an acai supplement.

If you are interested in acai, go to your local health food store and you'll find freeze dried supplements, fresh acai juice, and frozen acai pulp. It's still expensive, but not as expensive ad the one advertised and you won't get ripped off like you are guaranteed to be if you order from the company you looked at. There is no such thing as a free trial, according to their terms of purchase. You will be billed unusually high fees within days of placing your order, and you will also be billed for 'piggyback' offers that you will not agree to. You will battle it out with your credit card. The only weight you'll lose will be from wringing your hands and pacing back and forth while on the phone with your credit card customer service.

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