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Yes, I too am/was/am a compulsive overeater. And I do believe (know) that it can definitely be managed.

As far as I know, and from what people tell me, OA says that "you have no power over your food, you are not control of it". Or something to that affect. And right there they lost me. I DO believe we've got power over it and I do believe we've need to seek out the control, the control that is there - just hiding.

But it might "work" for you. We even have a sub-forum here on it. You may want to take a look and get a better idea of it from folks who are actually involved in it, as opposed to me, who just "heard about it'.

Then one day last fall, I slowly began to realize that my 2 major food problems were starchy foods (i.e. bread products, etc) & sugar.

Once I eliminated them from my diet in favor of organic, fresh foods (poultry, fish, olives, nuts, veggies, etc) by following a diet book dealing in this exact problem of craving starchy/sugar products-- did the physical cravings disappear for me.
And the above was very much my experience as well, although I didn't necessarily go the organic route or follow a specific book.

Even if it turns out OA is not for you, there IS something that is. So you keep on searching, and seeking (within yourself mostly) until you hit upon it. All the best.

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