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1.4 lbs a week? That's pretty fantastic.

I'm just wondering, how many lbs did you think one can possibly lose in a week - week after week after week? 1 -2 lbs is what one can expect. And that could mean 1/2 lb one week, 2 lbs the next, and one the week after that. Weight loss is not linear, even if we were to duplicate the same foods and activity level 2 weeks in a row.

Give up? What kind of talk is that? Giving up certainly won't get the weight off any faster. Maybe it'll even help you to put a few more lbs on.

Just breathe. Stick with your plan. It's working. It's working. Accept the fact that this WILL take time. Use that time wisely - stick with your plan -and learn good healthy habits that you can adhere to - forever.

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