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I would possibly kill someone to be able to lose 1.4 pounds per week. Ok, not really... but selling my soul wouldn't be out of the question. I lose 0.5lb a week when I'm doing quite well. It gets harder and harder as you get lower.

To lose 7lb a week, you must have been starting out at a pretty high weight, so I know just a pound or so each week seems like such a small percentage... but just think, if you lost that much every single week, you'd lose 72.8 lb in a year, and that must be a decent chunk of the weight you want to lose.

Losing weight slowly makes it SO MUCH easier to keep it off, is healthier, lets your skin rebound a little better, and preserves more of your muscle. (I'm generalizing, of course, it won't do all of those for everybody, but it's been shown to do them all at some point).
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