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I am back!!!!

I can't even remember when I was in last, but it feels like forever! Well I had the cancer removed the first week of September. I have been on the Tamoxifen for a week now & I start radiation this week. Otherwise it is all under control.

We had both brthday parties. Alli got a million Barbies & had a wonderful party. Grandma had her 30th, I wore a cute little dress. DH actually looked at me & said I have never owned a sexier dress. I wasn't sure how to take that, did it look good or slutty? But then at the party I overheard him talking to his cousin & brother, he actually told them that "he is jealous now when we go out & he sees someone looking at me" They all laughed, he was very serious & said "I am, I know it is my problem, but I still have to bite my toungue"

Anyway, I am feeling good. Diet got a little side tracked though, but in reality for what I was eating the last 3 weeks, the 5 pound gain isn't so bad! Back on track this week though, hoping to shed that 5 I gained & hopefully an additional 5 by Halloween.
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