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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Hi everyone

I am feeling much better now

The smooshing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and it only took 10 minutes. I do have a small bruise in the exact same spot on each arm though, hmmm....

That was such a scare I had I think it was a wake up call to slow down and try not to do so much. I had a big talk with DH on the weekend about taking some time out for ourselves and sharing the household responsibilites. My job is very stressfull to so I am trying to figure out how to de-stress myself there too. I can't change the way my boss acts but I can change the way that I react.

We went out to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner to celebrate and had a lovely dinner including bubble tea and red wine and coconut rice pudding (diet be damned! ) It was nice to have dinner just the two of us. Tee hee! the waiter must have thought we were on a date because we were holding hands across the table so much I had a pretty quiet weekend and I think it did me some good.
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