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Originally Posted by Mama Nicole View Post
Good morning all

Jillian......I have to tell you, I absolutely LOVE the name Elliot for a girl. I was going to name my puppy that, but everyone didn't agree on it. I tend to name animals human my last furbaby was named Maggie Mae.

Hang in there everyone........
thanks nicole. i thought we had decided so we've been calling her Xanthia for about 2 months now. so the thought of changing her name is a little odd. we both like both i just don't know what the final choice will be. i don't want to use either for a middle name because i want the middle name to either be Rose (my middle name), Eileen (DD's middle name) or Julia (DD's first name--even though it doesn't flow well with either name)

so i guess we've got about 2 months to go and may just make a final choice at the birth. it's fun to pick a name, but at the same time, it's such a huge decision. ugh.
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