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Hellooooo ladies, well I am v pleased as lost two this week last week was cross, stuck to my cal allowance and did 3 12 hour nursing shifts and didn't shift a pound!! But feel better now. Started using a website called WLR , its UK based and works out yr calorie allowance, then u enter all yr food and it works out nutritional info etc for u. Been doing it since beginning of year and I'm now 12 pounds down, feel much better for it actually, uniform getting more roomy and I feel more agile!!

Jilly - good luck with your surgery and heres hoping/looking forward to it turning your diabetes around. As a nurse I have seen too much damage caused by diabetes and its a big motivator for me to get this weight off and keep it off for good.

Ammi - so good to see u hun, those meds u are on sound awful. I think it was around the time that u had the skin lesions was about the time the weight started to go back on, and it sounds like u have been thro such a lot, so huge hugs for that. And go for baby steps to getting yr weight down again, you can do it, leave the past behind, draw a line and start again. I know how thoroughly disheartening it is to gain weight after a big loss. I found it really knocked my confidence.

Beth - well done on your weight loss hun, your mum must be very chuffed with you

Everyone else - Have a great weekend I am working 12 hours tomorrow and then Sunday off to catch up with housework. I feel so good and wish that every one of you will have a successful weight losing kind of week
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