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Red face Just got results

Hello Everyone! I am so glad I found this site. I have been going through what seems like a whirlwind for the past year. Today will be the first day I will be taking Dostinex or Cabergoline (I think they are the same thing). Two days ago I had an MRI and it came back that I have a pituitary adenoma or whatever it is called.

Back in August I had been having irregular periods (however ever since I was about 15 they have never been really regular) and I thought it was due to the fact that I had started a different birth control (Yaz instead of Yazmin) which I had been on for at least 5 or 6 years. I was gaining a significant amount of weight and I wasn't really doing anything that different. I had noticed I was eating a little more, however I'm at the gym at 530am three or 4 days out of the week and I eat healthier than almost everyone i know.

So naturally my first intuition was that I was pregnant, but I had taken a few pregnancy tests at home and they were negative, so finally in August I told my OBGYN and they tested me for prolactin along with my thyroid, but prolactin was at 34 which they were not worried about. They I stopped taking all birth control and come January...still had not gotten my period and then that is when i noticed I was lactating (not cute!). I went in and after blood tests my prolactin levels were then at 172 (137 higher thanit was 6 months prior).

Anyways I don't really know anything about this other than the fact that no one around me knows what it is or has heard of it and seems to think its not a big deal so I am really glad to have found this as a way to ask question and gain some knowledge. Does anyone know if going from 34 to 172 in 6 months is normal for this or bad? Should I get a second opinion or be referred to an endocrynologist? Has anyone had success having children with this? I am 26 and want children more than anything so this is the most devestating part.

Obviosly the weight loss thing is an issue as well (20lbs heavier), but it seems after reading the posts that no one is really sure if the weight came on as a cause of the high prolactin levels, but people are not having the results they had thought from the medication.

Any news or advice is helpful! I feel like everyone around me just thinks I'm being a drama queen.
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