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BEVERLYJOY ~ yes, there are many people who do know how you are feeling. We have a thread in this forum called PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ February Thread and it is near the top of this page with a red sticky in front of it to draw attention to it. Sometimes, it take a while before people notice it. As the OP (opening post) states, our thread is for ANYONE with ANY KIND of PHYSICAL CHALLENGE regardless of the source ... we would love to have you join us anytime!

I was born with SPINA BIFIDA, but that is only part of my physical challenges; as I fell down a huge flight of stairs and dislocated my right knee which gave me so many problems. Then about 10 years ago, I slipped on some gravel (of all things) and fractured my left calf and ended up with a blood clot in it and ended up in the hospital for a month. Both these injuries cause undue pain and troubles for me; just trying to do everyday stuff and I gained a huge amount of weight during recovery times. I also broke both my right ankle and my right foot quite badly (in two different accidents).

Now I am better, but I still get residue pain and I must watch myself so much. I cannot walk like others; and I cannot run. I'm a snail with a cane. But hey, I'm not giving up; I am working at get healthy again and trying to slowly but surely (using other means) to get some of this weight back off permanently. I know it is a challenge: but heck, my goal is just too important; and the alternative is too nasty.

Anyhow, we would love to have you join us in the Physical Challenges monthly thread where we can give each other support and some tips on how to cope each day. Come on by ... ROSEBUD
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